Ceramic poker chips

If you are looking to create really unique poker chips, you are looking for ceramic chips. Ceramic poker chips can be printed in full-colour. The whole surface and the edge of the chips can be printed with your design. The edge is mostly used to show the value of the chip or the name of your company or poker game.

Volledig blanco keramische chip

A ceramic poker chips is completely blanc before printing. You can let your fantasy run and print almost everything you desire. Take a look at our gallery at the bottom of this page to get some ideas of the possibilities and designs we have printed for our customers. Throughout the years we have produced and delivered unique ceramic poker chips to multiple (televised) poker shows and tournaments. Achthoekige chips

Ceramic chips are available in different sizes. The standard size is 39mm, but a bigger chip with a 43mm diameter is also available. Is just a unique design not good enough for you and want to create a really rare poker chip? How about these 44mm octagonal chips? We are sure that you have never seen those before!

The minimum order for ceramic chips is 500 pieces total and 100 per design. After confirmation, it will take 3 to 4 weeks for production and delivery.

Poly clay chipsNew: Ceramic chips with diamond or card edges. These chips allow for a more professional casino chip look/





Extra options available include alignment between the top and edge of the chips, a must if your design includes edge spots.



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