Clay Composite

Clay composite poker chips are made from clay mixed with some other materials. The use of clay give the chips a feel and sound that resemble professional casino chips.

Most clay composite chips have a metal core and weigh around 13,5 gram. There are designs available without a metal core, like our Texas Hold’em design chips, that weigh 11,5 gram.
Almost all our customers that order pad printed chips choose clay composite chips for their design. The costs for clay composite chips compared to ABS chips are only a bit higher while the quality, sound and feel of the chips are way better.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to have your design pad printed on poker chips. There are multiple ways your logo and value’s (if any) can be printed.

1. Your logo, without any value, on both sides of the poker chips. This will mostly be the case when printing chips for promotional activities.
2. Your logo on one side, the value of the chip on the other side. In this case, only 1 cliché has to be made as we have the value’s in stock. This is the most popular option.
3. Your logo including value on both sides of the chip. This means a new cliché is needed for every other value you need for your poker game. For instance, using value 1 – 5 – 25 and 100 means we need 4 clichés instead of 1 if you choose for option 2.

Pad printing is a single color print. Available colors are white, black, silver (most popular), red and gold.

Available clay composite chips: