Creating your design

Things to keep in mind when designing your custom chips:

Pad printing:

  1. The printable inner surface of poker chips has a 23 millimeter diameter.
  2. Pad printing is a single color print. Available ink colors : black, white, red, zilver (most popular), gold.

Ceramic chips:

  1. The diameter of the chip you have choosen.
  2. Stay away from to tiny details in your design. Due to the texture and size of the chip, very small details will be hard, if not impossible, to see.
  3. The color on the finished chips can be different than the design on your computer. This can occur because of the settings and type of the screen of the electronical device you designed the chip on. Also, the material of the chip has influence on colors.

Correct file formats:

Please send us your designs in Illustrator or Photoshop file formats. If you run into difficulties, please contact us. Please note that we are not a design studio and can not design the chip for you.

Files can be send through mail of services like wetransfer.